About our travel services

We choose the best partners, always.

We run a legally established full-service travel agency based on the main commercial street of Ipanema. Our services have been available online since 1997. We are accredited by Embratur, and members of US-based IGLTA.

Being in the travel market for such a long time gives us the prerogative of choosing only the most reliable tour operators. We carefully select the best values, from a simple city tour to a custom-designed air and land tour to the destinations of your choice in Brazil, Uruguay or Argentina.

We were pioneers in offering hotel reservations in Rio to the international traveler. We keep an excellent relationshiop with the hotel trade. We offer corporate and special rates that are in most cases considerably lower than rack rates. We actually visit and review hotels on a regular basis.

We also work with automated booking services that offer instant confirmations. Once we receive your request we try to get you the best rates, whether you prefer to pay ahead or directly at the front desk of your hotel. Carnaval and New Year's package bookings are one of our fort├ęs.

Congierge services

we are people, not machines

When you need a hotel confirmation for yesterday the best way to go is to request a booking with instant confirmations. We are partners with companies that allow you to prepay your stay, or pay directly at your hotel.

Other than this all our services go through the hands of an experienced travel professional before we get back to you. Rio is our home, and we can give you expert advice on anything you may need.

First-timers are more than welcome. We can help you choose the right neighborhood, the hotel that best suits your needs, and help you put together a number of activities that you can do at your own pace.

We also work with groups, and we can find the best lodging alternatives, hotels with top conference rooms, catering, and custom-made tours according to your expectations and dreams.

We cannot perform miracles, so before you ask no. It is not possible to go from Rio to Iguassu Falls, and come back on the same day. Brazil is a country with continental dimensions. You can do a one-day trip to Buzios instead.

Keep in mind that we are people, not machines. We do take weekends off, and process requests on weekdays only. You are welcome to call us at the agency during business hours, or to visit us and put a face behind a name.

About Ipacom travel

A little about our history

In 1996 the Internet in Brazil was still a sort of a mistery to many people in Brazil. With a modest dial-up connection we published the first version of our main website, a guide to Rio writen in English by a bi-lingual Carioca: www.ipanema.com.

There was so little information about Rio online, that the page was an instant hit. Instead of an institutional view, the guide is biased in favor of the traveler. The tips are the same we would give to our best friend coming to Rio.

We started to get a lot of email asking about hotels and other travel services. In compliance to the Brazilian laws we decided to open a travel agency, and Ipacom Travel was launched in 1997. We've been around since then.

The continued support of the online community allows us to keep our doors open, provide local jobs, and we appreciate your choice in using our services. We are always open for suggestions, and we welcome your feedback.

The founder and C.E.O. of Ipacom Travel, Marcos S. Prado, has been an international traveler since the age of six, holds a degree in Tourism, and is comitted to making you feel just like a Carioca - while you are in Rio or in Brazil.