Armacao de Buzios - Joao Fernandes Beach

Most popular weekend and summer destination of not only cariocas, but many Brazilians, Búzios is known for its lively beaches and vibrant nightlife. Búzios has beaches for every taste. The restaurant scene is excellent. From budget homemade to crépes, gourmet, fresh seafood, choices are endless. The charming center is lined up with fashionable boutiques - including bikini and beachwear. Night life revolves around Rua das Pedras, a pedestrian only street with many bars, restaurants and nightclubs always open until very late.

Nature watching in Buzios

The main day attraction in Búzios is the collection of 23 beaches, each with its own flavor. Beach hopping is a popular Búzios sport. You can choose from small secluded beaches with tranquil waters to long windy beaches perfect for windsurfing, beaches with consistently good waves for surfing, even a nudist beach if you want to let it all hang out!.

If you are short of time, or even if you are staying for a few days, it is worth considering the guided beach tour. You will visit the main beaches on an open truck, and stop for a dip at a favorite beach. An alternative is taking the boat tour, and seeing all beaches from a different perspective. Learn some of the fact about Búzios along the way, and later go back to the beaches that you liked best.

Hospitality industry is taken seriously in Búzios. The lodging scene includes deluxe properties where you can enjoy a day spa with a view to the beach. There are smaller inns in a walking distance to the city center. Uphill properties where you wake up to the sunrise each morning. Here is our pick of the crop, with discounted rates, real-time confirmations.

Getting to Búzios from Rio is very easy. There are intercity buses leaving from the Central Bus Station in Rio, and you can buy tickets ahead. Some hotels make arrangements for a special pick-up, or you may take a taxi once you arrive. Give yourself at least a couple of nights to fall in love with this wonderful weekend getaway.

Hotels, inns and townhouses in BUZIOS

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