Special Group Samba School Parade

Carnaval is Rio de janeiro's main event. In 2018 it happens on February 10th through 14th. Festivities actually start two weeks ahead, and only end the following week. But these are the official dates, ending on Mardi-Gras. This is not a hype, it is a non-stop party that includes free street festivities, balls, the Samba Parade, and major off-Carnaval parties with the best DJ's from all around the world. The city is taken over by visitors from all parts of Brazil, and if you are visiting from abroad that gives you an edge. You can plan ahead and get the best prices! They are higher than off-season rates, yet there are options in all price ranges. Including in desirable areas near the beach, and street festivals. We hope to lead you in the right direction.

Street Carnaval festivities in Ipanema

We are at the peak of summer and high season. Big bargains are not easy to find. If you want to explore a bit more of the city arrive a few days ahead. During Carnaval many streets are closed to traffic, and city tours tend to be slower than usual. Rio is a big city, try to stay at least four or five days to get the full picture. Include a healthy Carnaval sampler!

Bandas and Blocos take over the streets with live percussion bands and hordes of revelers. The Special Group Samba Schools parade at the Sambodrome on Sunday and Monday, but there are also parades on Friday, Saturday and Tuesday! Availability at hotels changes on a daily basis, as they only offer a few rooms at a time - and prices change. Book as soon as your air tickets are confirmed.


CARNAVAL 2018 in rio - lodging available!

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