Enjoy the best of carnaval in rio two weeks ahead

Pre-Carnaval Street Festivities in Rio

Pre-Carnaval in Rio starts two weeks ahead. Hotel prices are still lower. The city is full of visitors from all over the world. Even Cariocas who leave town during the long Carnaval weekend are still around. The mood is festive, and you have a chance to enjoy the full combination. Rehearsals of Special Group Samba Schools happen at the Sambodrome! Your choice of street festivities include Spanta Nen&eam, Bloco Volta, Alice and Banda de Ipanema -listed as part of the city cultural heritage. And the party scene has enough attractions to keep everyone happy.

Friends getting together to parade at Banda de Ipanema

We are at the peak of summer and high season. The city is in a non-stop party mode. Hotel rates are still lower, and planning ahead makes a lot of sense. While in town make some time to visit the attractions, enjoy the city lifestyle. Rio is a big city, try to stay at least four or five days to get the full picture. Include a healthy Carnaval sampler!

Bandas and Blocos take over big clubs with rehearsal parties featuring live percussion bands. Special Group Samba Schools rehearse at the Sambodrome, free admittance! Clubs invite the best Brazilian and international DJ's. On Saturday there's the first edition of Banda de Ipanema - a veteran that is always young at heart. Hotel rates are lower, and staying near the beach is affordable.


PRE-CARNAVAL 2017 in rio - lodging available!

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