Samba Parade Tickets

Where, How and for How Much?

Tickets to the Samba Parade are very hard to find at face value. Even for locals. A batch of tickets is offered for sale requested by fax only. The maximum is of 4 per person per night. But as tickets sell out in about a half hour, and fax lines are always busy, it's a somewhat frustrating process.

This means basically that you will have to deal with a source offering tickets with a mark-up. Travel agencies sometimes only have access to tickets to Sector 9, the tourist sector with numbered seats, and catered mezzanine boxes.  Some agencies offer round-trip transportation from and to a designated meeting spot.

Online vendors usually only include delivery of the ticket to your hotel. There’s always Tripadvisor to give you some clues on whether they live up to their promises. We hear many reports from locals and visitors that at the door you often find people with leftover tickets for sale at almost face value, to avoid a complete loss (at your own risk).

Bleacher Seats - Arquibancadas
Runway Boxes - Frisas
Mezzanine Boxes - Camarotes
Individual Chairs - Cadeiras especiais

Even local travel agencies sometimes mark down tickets to sectors where sales did not go so well. To give you an idea of how much more than the face value you will be paying, above are the official prices, as published by the League of Samba Schools (



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